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Kemahiran Penyeliaan Yang Berkesan

22 & 23 June 2011

Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya

A 2-day workshop specially designed for Supervisors/ New managers /Line Leaders and those in the transition of taking supervisory/managerial responsibilities

  • Who needs to acquire key skills for improved performance and productivity

  • Who needs to acquire the keys to manage their departments & subordinates effectively

  • Who needs to lead , motivate and manage teams to achieve organizational and individual goals

Who Will Benefit

  • Newly appointed / Soon to be promoted Managers, Executives, Supervisors
  • Executives, Supervisors, Line Leaders, Administrators
  • It is also use for anyone who wishes to have a greater understanding of management skills and practices, so as to develop their skills in supervising their subordinates


  • To build and update knowledge and skills that will be need for effective supervision. 

  • To increase the awareness on the responsibilities of a supervisor towards his team. 

  • To help supervisors increase their skills and effectiveness in managing their people and resources. 

  • To be exposed to various strategies and skills required in workers supervision. 

  • To develop systematic process for problem solving and decision-making. 

  • To develop effective supervisory skills to empower your subordinates and develop high performance team. 

  • To be proactive and add value to their supervisory roles


Introduction To Supervision And Management

  • Management and the role of a supervisor?

  • Supervision and the responsibilities of a supervisor?

  • The importance of effective supervision for today’s organization

  • Nine responsibilities of a supervisor  

  • Advantages of effective supervision in five aspects;

    • Cost

    • Quality

    • Speed

    • Dependability

    • Flexibility

  • Purposes of effective supervision

  • Enhancing operations in terms

    • High variety

    • Low volume

The Role Of A Supervisor In An Organization

  • Workers management
  • Ways to lead and manage workers.
  • Methods to prepare guidelines
  • Determination of guidelines to carry out supervisors duties
  • How to handle problem workers
  • Supervisors’ role to consider behavioral, motivational, achievement and recognition elements.
  • Team development and its importance
  • Achievement of responsibility
  • Quality decision
  • Effectiveness of decision
  • Risk taking
  • Speed of learning

Skills needed for Effective Supervision to Improve Productivity

  • Quality control and productivity

  • Problem solving and decision making

  •  Effective planning

  • Empowerment

  • Basis of internal communication

  • Continuous improvement

  • Futuristic orientation

  • Interpersonal relationship

Specific Supervisory Skills

  • Team building

  • Leadership

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Technical Specialization

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Administration

  • Management Support

  • Resources Management

  • Time Management

  • Customer Claim

  • Ways of Handling Customers Claim

  • Determination of a Supervisors scope of duty

The Relationship Of A Supervisor And His Employer

  • Ways of strengthening relationship

  • The role of a supervisor as the basis for an organization

  •  Ensuring workers support towards employer’s vision  

  • The importance of a supervisor’s cooperation in an organization

Managing Workers Performance

  • Set goals/objectives

  • Support workers motivation

  • Observe and give feedback

  • Identifies supervisors authority

  • Implement evaluation of workers performance


  • Stimulating Lecture

  • Analytical Learning through Case Study & Exercises

  • Workshop Sessions


Mr Thanabalan Velloo has an MBA from University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), majoring in General Management. He graduated with an honours degree in Management and Biochemistry from University of Science Malaysia (USM).   

He started his career in the manufacturing operations as a Production Executive and gradually moved to various managerial positions such as Production Manager, Packaging Manager, Planning & Logistics Manager, Sales Manager and Factory Manager.   To name a few of the organizations that he has worked for are Baxter Healthcare, London Rubber Company, Solectron, Mona Industries and Asiatic Dipped Products.    This experience has given him a thorough understanding of the opportunities and problems involved in managing work. 

Mr Thanabalan has extensive experience in the field of operations performance management particularly in various manufacturing and service sales training focuses on practical applications as well as real life success stories.   He has hands on experience in strategic prospecting, closing sales, negotiating sales resistance as well as building after sales relationship.   He believes effective sales people eventually don’t sell but get their products being bought by the industries.   

Since 1996, he has branched out into training and consultancy as well as lecturing various subjects in the MBA programs.   He also lectures in University of Malaya and University Technology Malaysia on a part-time basis as a visiting lecturer.   To date, he has conducted many public and in-house trainings in many business areas for government and private sectors such as Ministry of Defence, TLDM, UMW, Titan Group, CS Metal Industries, Sharp Roxy, Petronas, Triplus Industry, Metrod, Shinko Electronics, Green Riverwood, Omron Malaysia, Hap Seng Consolidated. 

Participants receive enhance benefits and impactful results from his training programs because of his vast industrial exposure in various areas.    He empowers people to increase their limits, level of commitment, and higher level of performance of the individual, team and the organization in achieving organization goals.


HRDF - SBL Application (100% reimbursement)


Early Bird

(By 8 June 2011)


(Closing Date:

15 June 2011)

One Participant  RM900.00 per person  

RM990.00 per person


2 Participants & Abv    

RM850.00 per person


RM950.00 per person  



All registration must be accompanied with payment.

All cheques should be crossed “A/C Payee” made payable to


(Fees are inclusive of tea breaks, lunch, course materials and Certificate of Attendance)

I/We wish to register for the workshop 

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